Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainable Surfer Girl

What exactly is the meaning of sustainability? So often we hear it thrown around, along with eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, organic, vegan and the list goes on.

I am more than passionate about being good to the environment, using things in moderation, recycling, less plastic, less chemicals, less consumption, etc. But I came to a point where I stopped wanting to consume, I stopped wanting to waste and almost to stop to live in a society of mass consumption. I also became a hypocrite. To be a sustainable society, consumption is necessary for survival. Sustainability means consuming. Covid has proven this. Life cannot exist without consumption. We cannot exist without consuming. But it is what and how much that is consumed that makes the difference.




– the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

“the sustainability of economic growth”

– avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

“the pursuit of global environmental sustainability”

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Sustainability in the global community

We can argue about plastics, eating meat, what products are better for the environment or whose has a smaller carbon footprint. This mentality is NOT sustainable, it is destructive. There are some necessary evils in this world. Money, plastic, oil, etc. We cannot solve all of the world’s problems in one day or year or lifetime. There will always be problems but there will always be solutions as well. It is about being adaptable, changing attitudes, working together as a community. Supporting each other, not dividing. Nothing in this life will ever be perfect. No product, no idea, no person. It is about using the resources we have to the best to our abilities, and improving along the way. There are some better than others in their ideas but not their execution, of course but everyone needs help to get exposure or confidence or financial support. My goal here is to show support, exposure, and inspire with my articles. I want to do what I am passionate to do that helps my global community.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

― Alexander Kennedy, Einstein: A Life of Genius

Human nature means making mistakes. This is why the term human error exists. Businesses take human error into account when planning losses, the world needs to as well. Plastic was the greatest thing when it was invented, and as much as I despise plastic waste, it has helped me a many of times in so many ways. But like any mistakes, it is about learning from them and improving for the future. This is where innovation comes into building a more sustainable future. It requires looking at the past and improving it for the future. Humans have existed and survived for centuries long before the industrial revolution and modern medicine so looking to traditions and why ‘uneducated’ societies is actually the best thing we can do to learn. The combination of the past and present will lead to future success for a powerful transformation from over consumption, stress, waste, pollution to growth, health, recovery and eventually prosperity.

How to start a sustainable journey

  • Support local businesses and products when possible
  • Conscious consuming, invest your money instead of spending it
  • Quality over quantity
  • Self Education
  • Community driven rather than self serving

What is the purpose of ?

The mission is to build and support brand awareness for brands, businesses and ideas globally to help build a brighter, sustainable and happier future for everyone. By also sharing advice and tips to saving money, environmentally friendly practices, for lifestyle, travel, surfing, fashion, food and more.

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