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Post-Surf Sunsets at La Coupole Essaouira Beach

So you decided to head to Essaouira, Morocco for your surf trip and now you are not sure the best spots for your post surf drink? Local favourite, tourist favourite and overall happening place for the sunset, La Coupole Essaouira Beach. It’s the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat or drink after having fun in the sun all day. Meet new friends or grab a spot near the corner for a beach view and relax. An eco-friendly and artsy restaurant with a high quality menu, local wine list. and fantastic ambience. Meet up with your surf instructor to celebrate the day’s hard work or collect your surf crew for dinner. One of the top rated restaurants in Essaouira on TripAdvisor, winning 2020 Travellers Choice award. but also a sustainable choice with local cuisine and artwork by local artists.

La Coupole Essaouira Beach & Local Artists

Essaouira is an artist’s town and there is no shortage of local artwork around town but La Coupole Essaouira Beach features a more contemporary taste. Using local artisan furniture, paintings and decoration to give unique and inviting feeling. With tons of natural light, La Coupole feels fresh and that ultimate beach town vibe whether on the patio or inside but with that modern Moroccan flair. Art pieces hang on the walls and offer a taste of talents hiding in Essaouira’s town. Decoration and furnishings create a balanced mixture of beldi, modern and traditional Moroccan and European inspiration.

Gourmet Dinner, Lunch or Snacks with local ingredients

La Coupole Essaouira Beach offers a variety of tantalising options for a range of tastebuds with breaking the bank. Prices are lower than European menus but slightly higher than average Moroccan restaurants. But totally worth it. The ambience, view and menu choices offer a great value for the price. Grab a glass of Gris or Rose and share an Octopus salad , sharmoula sauce with spicy harissa and nuts. You cannot NOT eat fresh seafood when visiting Essaouira. As a port town you would be a fool not to. La Coupole sources its ingredients and menu items locally and Morocco is as sustainable as it comes. So enjoy your meal knowing you are making an sustainable eco friendly choice. Want to spoil yourself? Try their Surf & Turf, beef tenderloin and scallops, with Truffle oil and cashews. Why not pair it with a local red wine? Morocco offers many different and delicious local wines mostly from the Meknes region. Or for the no fuss classic surfer, grab a burger. But not any basic burger, La Coupole offers a Gourmet Burger with smoked duck breast, double cheese, caramelised onions and barbecue sauce. Unfortunately, I was tight on time and was unable to take any photos of their menu, but head over to their Facebook page or Instagram account @lacoupoleessaouirabeach to put a picture of these well plates meals. Wanna see more of their menu? Check it here.

Live Music, local meetup, chill evenings

Whether you turn your sunset beer into a night long event or looking for a cosy yet lively place to grab a drink with a surf buddy, La Coupole night vibe is a comfortable yet elegant experience. Grab a table outside to people watch and greet the comers and goers or crash onto the couch for a laidback beer with good friends. Offering live music by local musicans, it is the perfect meetup spot for a lively but not crazy night out. Enjoy a few drinks and be back in time for an early sleep to prepare for another surf day ahead. Get the best of both worlds.

La Coupole and Covid Pandemic

Owner Ilyas Bouhad takes extra attention to all the details and not to mention extreme precautions during the covid pandemic. He makes sure every guest is happy and enjoying their experience from start to finish but also that all safety precautions are met to ensure the security and health of each visitor is protected. Like most businesses in Morocco, they have all been at the mercy of government regulations and directions of operation. La Coupole Essaouira Beach had follow directives with integrity and good faith for all staff and guests. Whether you visit before or after the vaccines have been distributed, you will know your health and overall experience at La Coupole Essaouira Beach is of the upmost importance.

Beachfront Sunsets and easy to find

You don’t need to use GPS or a map to find La Coupole Essaouira Beach. It is exactly there, directly in front of the beach. You can’t miss it nor can you miss the incredible view of the sun setting over fishing port of Essaouira. With tons of parking or easy to grab a taxi back to your hotel, enjoy your post surf sunset or relaxing night out.

Still want a map? Check their location here on Google Maps.

Want to make a reservation for your next surf vacation? Email directly : or check their website for more info

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