Surf Destinations

Explore the world, surf waves you never rode before. Travel slow, support those small surf communities around the world as you go. Meet new friends, connect between sets, and share your stories post surf over a meal. In a world becoming separate or socially distance, reconnect through a shared passion and in nature. Salt water cures all ailments. Support the local economy you visit, discover locals looking to support a sustainable future, whether it is environmentally or economically.

Essaouira, Morocco

Connect to the Surf Community online

Why wait to visit your next surf destination to make some surf buddies? Connect online with other surfers. Join a surf community on Facebook or follow other surfers that inspire you on Instagram. By doing a little research on the surf town or city you will visit on your next surf trip, knowing what the places, restaurants, surf shops you might want to see while you are there will save your some time and energy. Maximize your surf trip with the amount of time you spend in the water by limiting walking around to find the cool spot to be.

Sidi Kaouki, Morocco

Support Surf Tourism during Covid

Right now tourism world wide has taken a massive hit. Struggling businesses have been forced to close. Successful businesses have suffered greatly and many people at all levels have lost their jobs. It is truly a devastating time for tourism. Now more than ever the tourism industry, small businesses and tourist towns need the extra support. Even pre-covid, recommendations, reviews and social media following always help a business. Giving a quick review on Google or TripAdvisor or like on Facebook, follow on Instagram all make a big difference to small businesses. It doesn’t cost you anything and you can show support from anywhere in the world. Had a great experience in a surf shop and didn’t even buy anything? Share your great experience on social media, give a like or comment on their Facebook or Instagram post.

“Share your great experience on social media, give a like or comment on their Facebook or Instagram post.”

support small businesses

Shop sustainable and surf brands online

With covid pandemic limiting travel for the time being and putting a strain on finances surf shops, camps and hotels are suffering the loss. Why not support from aboard? Buy online and get delivered. Not only are you helping with social distancing but also supporting a small business get through the hardest time they will face. Let’s be a supportive global community and help each other through these dark times. More and more businesses are getting online and gearing towards sustainability.

Taghazout, Morocco

Ways you can support and “visit” surf towns globally

  • Like, Follow and Share on social media or word of mouth – Build brand awareness
  • Review on Google, TripAdvisor and other Platforms
  • Buy a gift card to use later when you can visit
  • Check out travel restrictions and plan your next trip
  • Book long in advance with a small deposit to help businesses survive until your visit
  • Make a donation to their local organizations

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