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Surf & Kitesurf in Essaouira, Morocco

Surf Rentals Essaouira Morocco with Loving Surf

There is something magnetic about Essaouira, or the Essaouira vortex as I like to call it. Visit for a week and get suck into it’s charm and laid back atmosphere for a lifetime. They say there is something special about the swiri people, and there is. Welcoming, lifelong friends with a deeper understanding on life and enjoying each day, a small community that quickly becomes family. This windy city with fishing port and a long beach coastline is famous for its gnaoua music and has a vibe for any personality. The strong winds for the kitesurfer (one of the world’s best kitesurf destinations), beach break waves for the beginner surfer, galleries for the artists, a photographer’s playground and to mention some great night life, food scene and sunsets.

Best place to learn to surf

Essaouira is not the top surf destination to come to mind but for beginners, it is by far a great place to learn to surf. Taghazout is a famous surf destination in Morocco, and it is a great place to surf. But if you are new to surfing and not ready for a more crowded lineup, a little more city life on your surf trip, Essaouira is the perfect location. With things to enjoy for a family vacation or as a solo traveller, the city is tourist friendly and welcoming. Laid back with everything is within walking distance. Enjoy fresh fish from the fishing port at lunch or shop in the old medina for your Moroccan goodies. With it’s calm waves, beach break and almost non-existent current, Essaouira beach is ideal for surf lessons. There are many surf schools in Essaouira for various budgets and different vibes. Loving Surf has a new location directly in front of the beach away from the wind, with a cosy atmosphere. Not only does it offer surf lessons and rentals but also it is a cafe and surf shop. Offering high quality equipment for rentals and kite lessons (if that’s more your thing). The fantastic team there is well spoken in English, French, Arabic, Spanish and learning more I’m sure. They love welcoming new people and passionate about surfing. Overall, a great place to improve your surf skills, rent a surfboard or grab some gear. Of course, there are other schools and instructors you can join but (maybe my opinion is bias) I would argue Loving Surf is one of the best surf schools in Essaouira. Check out their Instagram for daily stories or like on Facebook to show some love.

Mandala Brunch Society Essaouira Morocco

Gastronomy, Artists and Life in Essaouira

As mentioned, you can sip a coffee with a view of the beach at Loving Surf or the local cafes along the boardwalk. Essaouira has a great selection of restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy. You would be lucky to find a seat at Mandala for morning brunch (or at least pre-covid) and with obvious reason, a cute eclectic style and an awesome sustainable & healthy menu, read more about it in a separate post. Check out some live music and the artistic flair at Megaloft by artist Othman Chic or for the fashionista grab a Megaloft cover all or hand selected beautiful Moroccan items in his shop, featured in independent arts magazine Majestic Disorder, this creative has an eye for design. Try your Moroccan cuisine with some cooking classes or get some work done with fast wifi and a quiet tranquil atmosphere at L’Atelier just hidden beside Bab Sbaa. Looking to watch Essaouira’s incredible sunset? Watch it from the cozy terrace at La Coupole but arrive early for a seat. Their menu offers a selection of local goodies and wine with it’s modern beach style to give you those true beach vibes to enjoy after a day surfing. Want more options? Check the list at the bottom of the page for every type of foodie.

World’s leading Kitesurf Destination

Are you a surfer who can’t sit still, or hate it when the conditions suck after arriving from months of planning your surf trip? Or just a surfer who also kites or vice versa? Essaouira, the windy city is obviously the perfect destination. Have fun in the sun in any condition. Essaouira is known as Morocco’s best kitesurf destination (coming close with Dakhla in the Western Sahara). A beginner’s paradise, get week long surf & kite camps and start your surf lessons in the morning and kite lessons in the evening. It’s beach break waves and minimal current offers safety & security and while its constant wind and wide open spaces provide easier learning conditions. There are plenty of Kite Schools to choose from and every place offers a variety of prices and value. Learn to fly with the best, professional kiteboarder, champion and F-One rider Ismail Adarzane who also offers private lessons with his company Mogasurf. Or try at Loving Surf owned and operated by his brother Younes Adarzane who as mentioned has his Surf & Kite School and Surf Shop located directly in front of the beach. Wake up knowing you can surf or kite any day of the week. Fluke day with no wind or waves…enjoy a SUP tour with Morocco SUP tours. A new Stand Up Paddle Tour Agency that offers an luxury SUP experiences. There is always an outdoor watersport adventure in Essaouira and the area.

Sustainable Surfer Girl’s Top picks for Essaouira

Essaouira’s best Cafes

Essaouira’s best spots with a Beach view

Essaouira’s best Restaurants for a night out

Essaouira’s best spots for wifi / coworking

Looking for more about Essaouira? Check out @iluvessaouira for all things in Essaouira to see, do and visit. This website offers all places located in Essaouira, a fantastic directory for your next trip to Essaouira. (Please note this website is in French only).

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