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Mandala Brunch Society in Essaouira, Morocco

Mandala Essaouira Surf Town Morocco Sustainable Surfer Blog

Looking for the best brunch spot in Essaouira? Mandala Brunch Society offers the perfect place for the vegan surfer or foodie in search of great ambience, a healthy local and vegan friendly menu. With a second location in Marrakech, Mandala has become well known to tourists and locals alike. Offering beldi (bio) options using Morocco’s fresh and local ingredients. Decorated with art and furniture from local artists and artisans giving an authentic Moroccan experience with contemporary taste. Owners Berta (from Iceland) and Othman (Moroccan) combined their skills, talents and vision to create one of Essaouira’s top tourist (and local) brunch destination.

Plastic Free, Vegan, Eco Friendly, Local & Organic

Aiming to keep minimal plastic use, their beautiful dishes are served in beautiful dishes! Morocco is known for it’s traditional and artisan ceramics, Mandala uses the local resources, while creating a unique and more modern twist. The menu chooses local and organic, not to mention freshest produce possible, choosing seasonal ingredients that entice your appetite, letting the vivid flavours of Morocco speak for itself. Simple yet inviting menu options, not only satisfy vegan surfers but anyone looking for something to savour and enjoy in sunny Essaouira.  They take care in every detail from presentation to the combination of flavours. They offer fish, vegetarian, and vegan sustainable choices as well as tasty homemade sourdough bread and cakes to indulge in. Their menu has combos at a great value. The price point is slightly higher but totally worth it. The fresh smoothies and unique salads are not so easy to come by in Morocco as most menus are traditionally Moroccan or tajine for lunch. As I didn’t get a chance to get some photos of their amazing menu, head over to their Instagram account @mandala.maroc and see for yourself.

Great Coffee with a view of Essaouira’s Medina

Grab a coffee and people watch along one of the busiest streets of the medina and take in the daily life in Morocco. Get some work done at the bar along the window with fast wifi or sit on the front terrace and stay close to the streets coming and goings. Mandala is located in Essaouira’s medina just steps away from the beach, fishing port, UNESCO site and Hassan Place Square.

Mandala and the local community

Mandala Brunch Society is a family owned business that cares about giving back to the community. They offer various art projects and English courses for the local kids and they have decorated their restaurant with art and furniture from local artists and artisans. They avoid the use of plastic, handmade details throughout their restaurant giving a one of kind energy with a modern twist. They also have a small corner dedicated to local social work that promotes events and organisations that aid the community. as well as items for sale such as the I love the Seaside Surf & Travel Guide which is a great guide for the travelling surfer.

How they reduce their impact and work sustainably

  • Plastic & Meat Free
  • Vegan & Eco Friendly
  • Local & Organic
  • Social Work & Projects within the Community

Overall, it is a feel good place to be and a great surfer meetup for the windy days in Essaouira. See more photos below and follow them on Instagram or Facebook for news, latest photos and menu! Show your support and share with friends or anyone you know planning a trip to Morocco. Learn more about their mission and the Mandala Saga on their website.

Book your next meal at either location in Essaouira or Marrakech on their website

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