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Luxury Up-cycling Concept : Hiya art de vivre in Essaouira, Morocco

Hiya, art de vivre is a creative and luxury boutique located in Essaouira, Morocco. Offering fashion and home fashions that combine the beauty of traditional Moroccan and African textiles with modern silhouettes, style and chic taste. A sustainable yet unique vision and concept of Upcycling, taking vintage and traditional fabrics and giving them a luxurious update, each custom design created specifically for each client.

Empowered Moroccan Woman Led Business

Owner and operator Naima Zadi was born in Casablanca, spending over 7 years in Essaouira as she was previously married to a man from Essaouira along with her 3 year old son. As a strong, forward thinking and hard working woman, she created her vision and unique concept of Up-cycling with Hiya art de vivre. Offering beautiful custom designs and a modern high end boutique that may inspire other women to follow their artistic and professional visions in life. Globally, women have progressed in their roles in society as business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and high ranking professionals. It is sometimes surprising to think that woman were only allowed to vote just over a 100 years ago in North America. Morocco has made it’s own leaps of progression with women rights and anyone who has gotten to know a Moroccan woman can attest to the strength and patience they possess. Naima is a an example to other women looking to follow their dreams. She offers a personal and unique experience for tourists, and customers through her passion and love of creating beautiful and custom designs.

Upcycling made Luxurious

Not your typical up-cycling concept, but a more unique modern vision behind combining traditional and artisan style to clothing, home decor and made to measure clothing. Being sustainable or up-cycling doesn’t mean only the ‘hippies’ or ‘granola’ type or by any means cheap. Anyone can shop sustainably and find luxury in eco-friendly brands and designs. More and more sustainable, up-cycled brands are popping up. Essaouira is known for it’s artists and Moroccan textiles are every fashion designer’s dream. Vivid colours, fabrics full of texture and one of a kind designs in every piece. Naturally dyed, using colours found in the earth, weaved by the women of Morocco and beautiful hard work showcased in every fabric. Custom designs by Hiya are handmade from start to finish. Fabric is locally sourced and designs brought to life in Hiya’s atelier onsite. 100% made in Essaouira, Morocco.

Custom & Cultural Moroccan Experience in Essaouira

The concept behind Hiya art de vivre is to give that atelier experience and take home a piece of Morocco with you. Naima believes there is a sense of importance to have your design made in the place you are travelling. There is a limited inventory kept in the boutique as samples for potential clients and for also for sale to any customer that enters the upscale boutique in Essaouira’s medina who may not have time to enjoy the experience of designing their own. Depending on how long your trip is to Essaouira, you can create your own custom design, be involved in the details in creating your individual piece.

The experience starts with setting up your appointment to choose your details and fabrics, the design and fitting. Get a chance to be involved in the development and production in Hiya’s small atelier on the top floor of the boutique overlooking Essaouira’s medina. Enjoy tea and share stories with Naima and her family. Have a truly local experience and learn more about Morocco’s beautiful culture, taking home a beautiful piece of it with you. The perfect beach cover up after a long day of surfing around Essaouira. Stand out with a special bomber or integrate into Moroccan modern culture with a longer Kimono style.

Home Decor, Ready to Wear Handmade designs

Combining the lifestyle inspired by old and natural fabrics with modern trends, Japanese Kimonos, African fabrics and Moroccan details. Hiya art de vivre in Essaouira offers a limited selection to choose from in their Morocco boutique. Samples range from 1500dh to 2100dh and up (approx 150 euros and up). The handwork, high quality and work put into every piece is worth every dirham. The craftmanship in each piece surpasses majority of luxury clothing found in your local department store or imported boutique shops.

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Order your custom design online with Hiya

Regardless, you don’t need to wait to create your custom design and support the local artists of Essaouira. Get in contact with Naima directly and order your custom design online or by phone. As Hiya’s website is still currently in development, you can also head by her Etsy shop to make your orders with secure and trusted online payments.

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